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Create Your Own Catwalk Style


Create your own catwalk style

On the catwalk at NZ Fashion Week from left are designs by World, Kate Sylvester, Zambesi and nom*D.

Yes! It’s that time of the year again on the ‘Fashion Calendar’ - NZ FASHION WEEK - where we get to see the latest designer looks.

You can check out the latest look books online to get the ‘full’ look, but here’s a few images to whet your appetite and also give you some ideas on how to ‘re-create’ the look if your budget isn’t up to the original pieces!

KAREN WALKER: This collection is called ‘NEW ROSE’ - you can achieve a similar look by partnering ‘cute’ florals with simple accessories - a thin leather belt or a cute pair of flats. Feminine with a modern youthful twist!

KATE SYLVESTER: ‘The Last Sitting’ (based on Marilyn Monroe) - brings a grown up feminine look in muted colours. You can achieve this by picking pieces in soft tones - flowing chiffon & cool linens with subtle embroidery.

NOM*D: With its usual ‘dark’ edge, Nom*d ‘Fans’ collection combines The Orient with a masculine edge. You can achieve this look by mixing contrasting patterned garments with each other - this look can be easily achieved from a visit to your local ‘re-cycled’ boutique!

TRELISE COOPER: Well with Trelise, there’s always that ‘theatrical’ influence - guess that’s influenced by her love for the theatre. With strong ‘florals’ and bold stripes you can also achieve a look similar. Think colourful, creative, statement pieces!

WORLD: The thing I always like about WORLD fashion, is that they don’t seem to take themselves or the ‘Fashion Industry’ seriously - there’s always a ‘humorous’ edge to their look! To be honest, to achieve this look, just gather several pieces you just love (for no other reason than they just make you smile), and wear them together. Bold, confident and entertaining!

ZAMBESI: How to achieve a Zambesi look? - think ‘Goth’ collides with ‘feminine’. I reckon they’re a little bit of a ‘Matrix’ look. They’re serious fashion that doesn’t have to receive approval from others, because they’re confident in their fashion sense. How do you achieve this look? Couple one ‘confident’ piece with a simple ‘background’ piece - key is keeping it simple.

So pick a ‘designer’ style that fits with your style - or perhaps create your own ‘Designer look’ by researching some of the other ‘Designer’ looks on the catwalk! http://www.nzfashionweek.co.nz/



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