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Lookin' Good on Race Day


It has always been an ‘over the top’ event. A statement of self expression with rules: head attire is essential, along with a clutch bag of fashion, a jacket to complement; and shoes to die for. As a result the overall look is completely one’s own interpretation of this season’s fashion.

Royal Ascot fashion writers have a field day commenting on the wide spectrum of fashion diversities; coming up with headliners such as: ‘The Hits and Misses of Fashions at Ascot’ and peppering articles with comments like ... “a stonker of a hat ... a vertical frisbee in patchwork colours...refreshingly understated elegance”, which blatantly displays their amusement at the extremes of race wear. Yet, ironically their winning preference is so often the monochromatic classic ensemble which suggests a definite royal influence?

Ruakaka Races are on the September 14. The trends are black and white, floral gardens, flowers, flouros, lace, satin with hemlines and necklines that accentuate your best assets. Dresses are the go, with or without the cute jacket. Hats are as large as you can possibly manage. Facilitators are tall and dramatic. Work the monochromatic, or push the boat out with the most miss-matched colour combination you can bear to team together and just get away. Personality only goes so far ...

You just may be the winner in your meticulously mixed and matched ensemble of beige, cream or apricot, or your outrageously personal crowd-stopping fantasy, bursting forth with gusto on the catwalk ... it will be up to the judges on the day.

Personally l feel fashion in the fields is always an over the top event - ‘the wearable arts’ of race day...

...it will be up to the judges on the day.

-Cheryl Polwart, Polwarth Design

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