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Callistemons: what could be better!

Callistemon viminalis

Callistemons, from the greek word kalos meaning beautiful; and stemon — stamens, are undergoing a possible name change to Melaleuca , but you cannot change how kalos the stemon really are!
Colourful, they handle wet periods, frost tolerant, coast tolerant, drought hardy, bird and bee attracting, fast growing and evergreen , what else could you ask for?

With a large range of established plants instore, now is the time to choose yours.
We have Callistemon salignus; latin for of the willow for its willow like leaves, it has cream to white flowers and grows 7-8m with papery bark; Callistemon ‘Mauve mist’ for lovers of pink, a shrub up to 4m; Callistemon ‘Rocky rambler’, with a height under 50cm and spread of around 1m, is suitable for low boarders and trailing over banks; Callistemon citrinus ‘Firebrand’, has a citrus scent when leaves are bruised, a low spreading shrub with scarlet red flowers, a height of 80cm and a spread of over 2m; Callistemon viminalis, with viminalis latin for long flexible twigs, this bottle brush is a weeping variety growing to around 10m and is at home along side stream banks where there is a reliable water supply; and Callistemon ‘Little John’ which will provide your garden that contrasting soft grey blue new foliage. A dwarf with a spread and height of 1.5-2m.


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