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Corokia, 50 shades of ...

Corokia ‘Frosted Chocolate’.
Corokia has so many different colours and forms. Here at Alter-Natives we have a good selection of them.

They make great formal looking clipped hedges, or if left to their own devices make a nice looking informal hedge, or stand alone shrub in the garden. Corokias are hardy, can handle coastal conditions, are frost tolerant and are drought tolerant once established. They prefer a well drained sunny spot and aren’t to keen on ‘wet feet’.

Shades of Brown: The first (and most popular) is ‘Frosted Chocolate’, this has chocolate brown leaves, yellow flowers and red berries; ‘Bronze King’ has slightly smaller bronzy foliage; and ‘Little Prince’ is a smaller growing variety, getting to approx 1.6m tall with very small leaves and divaricating foliage which is a grey/brown colour, it is a mass of yellow flowers and can be kept pruned into a low hedge as small as 40cm.

Shades of yellow: Corokia ‘Goldspash’ has yellow variegated leaves and orange berries, it is a nice bright coloured plant that adds some interest and good contrast into the garden. ‘Lauren’ is more subtle with green leaves with some yellow through the centre, small yellow flowers and orange berries.

Shades of green: Corokia ‘Geentys green’ is one of the more popular green corokias. It has a nice bright green leaf with a silvery grey back to it and dark stems. ‘Geentys ghost’ has a silvery-olive green, smaller rounder leaf and a dense habit which responds well to trimming. ‘Emerald n Jade’ has small blue-green leaves and an upright twiggy habit.

And our very own Corokia ‘Grey Fox’ this one was selected from the wild by Ian Fox – the owner here at Alter-Natives. ‘Grey Fox’ is a low growing divaricating shrub which as its name implies is a grey colour. It grows to about 60cm tall with a 1m spread. It works really well with smaller growing bright coloured, strappy leaved plants such as Dianella nigra, and mountain flax, and looks good in rock gardens.


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