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Accept yourself as you are

Who are you? Really? How honestly do you know yourself?

When you look in the mirror do you see your past, your potential, your enemy or your best friend? Who looks back at you from those eyes and what do you say to them?

My vision is to empower people, not just with portrait photography but also in all aspects of life, hence these words. Recently a client said something that has really stuck, she told me how she encourages her children to accept themselves as they are. “Accept your body, your personality, your likes and dislikes, accept that this is who you are and make peace with yourself.”

“Make peace with yourself”, when phrased that way, we realise that we are often at war internally, trying to change ourselves for one reason or another. Without digging deep and going backwards trying to figure out why we feel this way, if we want to change we have to think here and now. We all have areas where we feel inadequate but thinking about them does nothing more than reinforce the negative idea, and that doesn’t help anyone feel better. Focus on positive thoughts about your present self and a positive mood will follow.

You are smart enough, now. Pretty enough, now. You have enough things, now. Your body is beautiful, now. It is the only one you get, appreciate it. Be thankful for everything you get to achieve with it, for somewhere someone can’t even start what you’ve just finished doing. And teach this to others; lead by example, show your children that they are enough as they are, because you are.

Advertising and media spend millions of dollars highlighting what they think we are lacking, don’t take any notice of their opinion or anyone else’s. It will never be as important as your opinion of yourself and that is under your control alone.

With time we accept ourselves; you know the way your grandmother is happy just to wake up today and anything more is a bonus. What if we could harness that sense of self-assuredness in our youth? Where would you be if you learnt early in life that we would achieve anything we decide to do and steadfastly believed it?

What if you stopped wasting time thinking of all the reasons why you can’t, accepted yourself and spent that time thinking of all the reasons why you can?

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