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It’s so easy in life just to float; to mosy along on cruise control, with our auto pilot taking the reins, and not really thinking too much about the exact route we wish to take, or where our ideal end destination would be.

So often – perhaps too often – we do things because they are routine, or habit, or because we think we need to follow the flock. We drift with the tide, and in doing so we miss many an opportunity and overlook chances to make ever-lasting memories.

But if we knew that all of our actions in a day were to be scrutinised by somebody who was older, wiser, and could guarantee us a happier, more satisfying, and more fulfilling life I think we would all act quite differently. Having somebody available to give us the thumbs up or thumbs down with any action we took that wasn’t aligned with our values, or that saw us straying from our ultimate goals would actually be quite handy. Imagine how much more productive we could be, how much more of our time would be doing things we value, and how much we could reduce daily behaviours that actually don’t take us anywhere of significance.

Fortunately, we all know someone who could fulfil this special role. We all know that person – perhaps not so well now, but in time we will come to know them very well. Because that person is our future self. And if we had the power, the wisdom, or the aid of retrospect to help redefine who we could be today, then I think most of us probably would.

To grasp a productive and fulfilling life and live according to your own unique set of values and philosophies, there is one question which can qualify every decision and every action you take: What would your future self say about it?

This can be powerful stuff. When you employ your future self you can overcome both minute and enormous decisions. When you employ your future self all of your values will be instantly and consistently reinforced. When you employ your future self life takes a more direct and more meaningful route. Because when you employ your future self you are placing the course of your life into the hands of the real you; the one who is thinking ahead, the one who has 100% focus, and the one who knows more than anyone what you really want out of life.

So now that I’ve got you pondering and putting a slightly futuristic spin on things I’ll leave you with some of the things my future self likes to tells me:

  • Experience is the best way to learn
  • Let your heart be your compass
  • Difficult roads lead to divine destinations
  • It’s not WHAT you see but HOW you see
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Stop obsessing over that blemish
  • Don’t believe everything you think
  • Spend time listening to your grandparents stories
  • Never rush time; time goes by so fast anyway
  • Stay close to everything that makes you feel alive
  • Do only the things that make you happy
  • Have more fun

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