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PhiBrows Microblading Eye Brows by Skin Revision


The closer I drove to my appointment, the more nervous I became.

You see, I am not a tattoo person and am quite frankly, scaredy pants these days who would normally opt to stay in her comfort zone. Microblading was something that kept coming up on my radar however and I admired others who had theirs done. They looked amazing, naturally enhancing eyebrow shapes with hair strokes.

I listened to comments, advice, reassurance and recommendations before making any decision to go ahead because as we all know, it’s permanent and not to mention... on the face!

Skin Revision is the place to go, owners Michaella and Amanda are leaders in their field, now training up and coming eyebrow artists following their high standards. Skin Revision is proud to offer PhiBrows Microblading Techniques, both Michaella and Amanda are certified PhiBrows Artists, a different procedure to a tattoo gun that I had pictured in my head.

Not knowing what to expect, I was assured that I was in safe hands as Michaella explained the entire procedure in detail. There are different services and looks that you can go for, we opted for the microblading feathered look for a more natural approach. There are only a couple of beauticians who offer this service in the North and it’s a fast-growing option for many women.

After filling in forms and walking through the importance of the aftercare procedure (provided in a pretty toiletry bag to take home), she had already matched my colour and planned our session. It was over to the professionals.

Skin Revision is set in a beautiful country atmosphere and accompanied by good music in the background, a place to relax even when filled with nerves. I got myself comfy on the bed while being fitted out in an attractive cap. My eyebrows were cleaned and scrutinised as I got used to the idea that I was finally getting my first tattoo, cosmetic tattoo.

Was it going to hurt? Are they going to shave my eyebrows? Every question I had running through my head Michaella answered confidently without judgement until I was happy to go ahead.

The longest part of the consultation was getting them perfect and ready for blading, this came down to the millimetre. Measurements were taken out, apps used and never did we progress until she knew it was perfect. I was there a total of three hours, the attention to detail impressed me.

The first eyebrow. It felt like someone waxing a few hairs out at a time. The sound is like velcro. I had been so scared of the pain. However, there was none. The numbing cream was then put on afterwards which was a tad stingy but only for a second, wasabi cream they rightly called it, then the other side completed. Once the area was numb, Michaella went back over the brows and filled them in, one stroke at a time.

Microblading is a perfectionist’s heaven and without a doubt, risky business if you choose the wrong professional. I am most impressed with Skin Revision and the high standard that they adhere to in an industry that is often tricky to regulate.

It’s a few weeks on now, I have aced my aftercare. My brows have settled down. I am looking forward to going back for a touch up next month with no nerves as I now understand that it’s not a half-hour procedure and complete, it’s a healing journey and well worth the investment.

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