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From the big kids desk


It’s just over a month since we re-opened Storytime down at the Town Basin, and one of the most enjoyable business experiences for me. Storytime is one of the few stores where kids are allowed to touch and play, their smiles, giggles and laughs are our reward.

I bought Storytime from long-time owner Annemarie Florian knowing only how I felt transported back to my childhood when I visited. The goal that it continues to be a place kids love to visit was foremost in my planning, as well as continuing the 35 year legacy as a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

We have had a 3 year old arrange our toy soldiers, leaf art presented to our lovely store manager Kelly by a 4 year old, and dozens of mother’s day messages left on our window by the kids. The kids tell me every day how much they love Storytime, long may it continue.

During May we focused on restoring our book stocks and now have hundreds of titles in store again, many from local kiwi authors. More toy stock is arriving each week and I love walking around the shop seeing what new treasures are available. As winter keeps us indoors I’m sure you will find something to entertain and engage a curious young mind.

I can’t wait to tell you what’s happening next at Storytime…

- Peter, The Big Kid @ Storytime.

Space News

space news

June brings Matariki and the yearly reminder to look up. Whether you eagerly await their dawn arrival, or engage in celebration and fellowship that surrounds our local new year, the night sky at this time of year is rich and rewarding.

Prominent this winter are both Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets. Notable not only for their stunning views through the telescope, but also for the spacecraft currently in orbit around them. Juno is exploring Jupiter at distances of just a few thousand kilometres and giving us some incredible pictures, and the Cassini spacecraft is diving between the rings and Saturn as its mission comes to an end this year.

Throughout June and July at Planetarium North we are running the Stargazers Guide to Matariki every Saturday evening. We explore the history, culture, community and science woven into the celestial curtain of our evening sky. Last year we sold out some evenings and expect this new extended program in 2017 is sure to do the same.

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