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Winter dresses


winter dresses

Best Winter Dresses of 2017: our top picks for the winter season

Looking for the best winter dresses of 2017? Take a look at our top picks! Just because Jack Frost is rolling up his icy sleeves and getting to work across the country doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your feminine fashion sense. Why limit yourself to jeans, jerseys and frumpy looks when you can combine comfort AND feminine fashion with these fabulous winter dresses. From t-shirt dresses to tunics and shift dresses, the humble dress is no longer relegated to your summer wardrobe. Step out proudly in one of these winter dresses this cold season!

Tunic dresses for winter weather

We’re just a little smitten with these tunic style dresses. Their comfortable and forgiving cut, their easily-worn length and their versatility make them a staple in any women’s wardrobe, and for winter? You can’t go past them! We’re big fans of the Democracy Embroidered Dress, which combines a flowing, feminine feel with vibrant embroidered patterning. The length and cut of this stylish tunic dress make it simple to wear – simply team with a pair of black leggings and ankle boots, and you’re ready to go! Democracy’s Pleather Inset Dress is another winner in our eyes, featuring a stylish and slimming black centre panel, giving the dress a distinctive look and feel. We also love the longer-length sleeves with button-cuff detailing – all in all, this dress will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine. It’s a slightly shorter cut however, so do have your leggings ready! This dress would also look great with a pair of long boots, to offset the shorter hemline.

Tee shirt dresses and long shirt dresses for cosy comfort

If you’re looking for effortless style in a comfortable cut, then the humble tee shirt dress is where you’ll want to start! We’re head over heels with the winter 2017 range of tee shirt dress styles, beginning with Esplanade’s Roll Up Cuff Dress. One of the reason’s this dress has made our favourites list is the lovely soft sweatshirt fabric – you’ll feel like you’ve slipped into your favourite loungewear when you pull this gorgeous dress over your head! Combined with the ¾ sleeves and the slightly longer length (which, for the taller among us, is a little more relaxing), this dress is an easy go-to for your winter wardrobe. Esplanade’s Oversize Print Dress gains major points for it’s 100% cotton soft fabric, but what really sold it to us is the loose, comfortable cut – beautifully offset by the classy metallic print. You’ll feel like taking on the world in this dress – or taking a cup of tea in the sun. It really doesn’t matter, because you’ll look fabulous either way. Rounding off our top tee shirt dress picks is the Augustine Butterfly Creek Dress – undoubtedly tipping the scales into evening wear rather than casual daywear, even though it’s still constructed using a jersey stretch material. With flowing lines, stunning frilled sleeves and sequinned golden butterfly detailing, this is a stunning piece for any wardrobe: get your high heels ready and head out for a night on the town!

winter dress

Long shirt dresses are back in style this season too, with a favourite of ours being the Charlo Barby Dress. Fun, flirty, and completely laid back – this is a dress to wear for any occasion. Dress it up with heels and jewellery, or dress it down with casual flats or sneakers – the choice is yours!

Black classic and classic shift dresses

You can’t go wrong with a Little Black Dress, which is why we love the Augustine Butterfly Creek Dress – undoubtedly tipping the scales into evening wear rather than casual daywear. With flowing lines, stunning frilled sleeves and sequinned golden butterfly detailing, this is a stunning piece for any wardrobe: get your high heels ready and head out for a night on the town! Shift dresses are always a favourite here, and when it comes to choosing a classic shift dress, we couldn’t help but fall for the Democracy Batwing Dress, which ticks all the right boxes for flowing satin-feel fabric, generous cut and loose, easy-wear design. We’re big fans of the design work on this dress too, with the delicious smoke colour working perfectly with a range of coloured tights and boots. Simply pair with your favourite longline coat, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go! Another classic shift to grab our attention is the Esplanade Viscose Shift Dress, which – along with the Loobie’s Story Origami Dress features the same, feminine feel and

gorgeous attention to detail.

Chiffon layering dresses

The feminine chiffon layered dress still holds a place dear to our hearts – and with Esplanade’s Overlay Print Dress, we’re feeling more endeared to this style than ever! It’s not just the floaty look and feel, but with this dress in particular, it’s the flattering patterning and sheer effect that had us excited. Layer this dress with a long sleeved top or dress, and team with a pair of your favourite tights and long boots and you’ll be feeling on top

of the world.

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