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Young new choreographer steps up at Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards


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These were the first words spoken confidentially by Jayden Randolph, the new Choreographer for the Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards this year. He radiates a vibrant energy, he is focused, excited and bursting to hit the stage in his new role.

Jayden has just left Bream Bay College as Head Boy and is now embarking on a career that he always dreamed of in the arts. He has enrolled in a Degree in Per-forming Arts at Otago University where he will attend summer school at AMTA NYC Performing Art School in New York.

The Artntartan Wearable Art Awards offers national wearable art artists an opportunity to showcase their creative artworks in a fabulous venue in Waipu at the Celtic Barn.

The Waipu village is known for its Scottish Heritage. This heritage is more evident in the month of July when residents and visitors celebrate “In Tartan” a series of events celebrating all things Scottish. The festival commemorates the 1792 repeal of the notorious Act of Proscription for forty years after the Battle of Culloden forbade the Scots to wear their tartan. Waipu’s Annual Winter Festival culminates in the now iconic Artntartan Wearable Art Awards.

Now in it’s 7th year, it continues to develop its creativity in the presentation of the ever changing high standard entries and local talented performers.

The two tier stage lights up with local performance, music and a magical atmosphere will captivate the wearable art and entertain you for days to remember.

This year one of the exciting new categories is a Blacklight category, called Dream World - Weird and Wonderful where movement, surprise, illusion and fantasy will illuminate the stage.

Jayden has been invited to be Choreographer of the Waipu Museum Artntartan Wearable Art Awards by the Director, Helen Francis. When asked he stated that he was overjoyed to be part of the Artntartan team as this is what I am passionate about. This opportunity gave me the confirmation that it is possible to have a career in the arts. I am extremely excited to create something unique and beautiful for the show that has never been done before, my ideas are buzzing.

He has been involved in the Artntartan Wearable Art since he was 13 years old.

From making children’s masks and creating wearable artwork, to dance and per-formance, he has varied experience with the show. For three years he has been actively involved in the Secondary School Stage Challenge. He has competed against 7 different schools, it was during this time he learnt to direct impromptu performance pieces. Some of his creative ideas come to light through listening to music, seeing a video, hearing a social or cultural issue. He says, as a creative person you like to break the boundaries, you want to change things, redefine them, break the mould, turn the box into a circle. That had been my mantra since I got involved in the Secondary School Challenges and the Artntartan Wearable Art Awards.

Jayden believes Artntartan is Bream Bay’s “moment of the year” it’s a big part of the communities life. You know when the show is on, you know the people who are working in it, you just want to see it. I don’t think anything will stop people from coming to this annual event in the community who love the arts. There’s always a full house at every performance.

There’s one thing for sure after speaking to this up and coming Choreographer, you just know he will be putting his heart, soul and creativity into this local community event and we can’t wait to see what he injects into the show this year.

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